Thursday, 4 February 2016

New Year Resolutions

Its a New Year and I am setting my New Years Resolutions, with the first being to re-start blogging. I took the plunge to start blogging back in 2014 and I loved it, it gave me an outlet to be creative and I think the older you get, the less time you allow yourself to be creative. After a few months of blogging, I had the chance to move, which I took and life just got in the way over the next year. Now I am in a better place to have the time to go back to doing what I enjoy. I have already started planning my posts and the first one will be up next week!

The second is starting a Youtube channel, which is something I have wanted to do for a while now but which I have always put on the back burner due to a few reasons. One being the same as why I stopped blogging and another being that writing a blog is one thing, but recording a video is another! Over the past few months I have been watching my favourite Youtubers and have decided this is the year! I have already started planning my videos and I am ambitiously aiming to upload two videos a month to begin with! The first one will be up in a couple of weeks time!

The last three are more personal Resolutions, the first being more positive. I am a very positive person, but over the last few months I think I have just let life get on top of me and I want to get back to my usual self. I have been reading the Gratitude Diaries by Janice Kaplan and it is so inspiring! I have already started my own Gratitude Diary where I write down three things I am grateful for every night. I am aiming to read other books and try other ideas, so I may share my journey with you on what I find within a monthly blog post or video.

The second is becoming more healthy, over the past year I have put on a bit of weight. I haven't been exercising and I have been making poor food choices. This year I am wanting to start going to the gym again and start eating healthier. I always struggle for ideas of what to eat and also what to do when in the gym, so I'm going to try the Lean in 15 book by the Body Coach. Which I have recently stumbled upon on Instagram and have read great reviews. I'm not one to give great advice on this topic, but I may carry out a review on his book and share with you anything else I try along the way.

The last is taking care of myself more, as I haven't been visiting the dentist or opticians for regular check ups, I've not even registered with a doctor since moving! So this year, as silly as it sounds is about going back to the basics in terms of healthcare. In terms of taking the time out to pamper myself I will be trying out different beauty products, electronics and having weekly pamper nights, so I am excited to share with you reviews, hauls and routines!

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