Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Easter at Lush..

The Easter Collection has now launched in Lush Stores and I couldn't contain my excitement to see what they have released this year. I had to check out the Collection online before heading into my local store, shopping list in hand! This is my little round up of what I picked up..

First up is Bunch of Carrots, reusable Bubble Bars containing buchu, lemon and grapefruit oils. Hold one under the running water for refreshing tropical bathing, then pop it onto the side for next time. I love using a Bubble Bar along with a Bath Bomb for a really luxurious bath, and I have only ever tried the Magic Wand which is really sweet-scented, so I thought I would give these fresh scents a go! 

I'm a lover for a Bath Bomb, so I just had to pick up Humpty Dumpty, I mean who could resist? You crack open the sweet, caramel-scented, Brazilian orange oil Bath Bomb with notes of bright bergamot to reveal a hidden alter-ego, a fried egg! It was slightly more expensive than I'm used to with Lush Bath Bombs, but you can enjoy three egg-cellent soaks over a couple of nights, or if you like you can use the entire bath bomb all at once for real decadent bathing.

I've never tried a Bath Bomb Melt, so when I saw the Golden Egg, which takes me back to my childhood watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I just had to pick it up! Soak in a toffee-scented bath of molten gold and Fair Trade Colombian cocoa butter with uplifting bergamot and sweet wild orange oils. The outer layer is a Bath Melt and the inner a Bath Bomb, so you get the gorgeous fragrances along with the buttery skin softeners. I think I'll need another bath to get rid of the copious amounts of gold glitter though.. 

Lastly, Which Came First, another Bath Bomb similar to Humpty Dumpty. You crack the generously-sized pink egg open to coax out the chick inside. Again, it was slightly more expensive than I'm used to but you can enjoy three egg-cellent soaks over a couple of nights. Or for real decadent bathing you can use the entire Bath Bomb all at once to infuse your bath water with deliciously sweet, fuscia waters brimming over with fruity fragrance. You never know, it may answer the age-old question..


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