Sunday, 5 November 2017

Zoella Lifestyle and Beauty Christmas Range..

I started following Zoella a couple of years ago and quickly became addicted to her channel. My favourite videos have to be her 24 days of Zoella at Christmas, my favourite time of year. I am not one to shy away from Christmas once we turn into Autumn and when her Christmas Gifting Beauty and Lifestyle Ranges launched in Superdrug and Boots in September, I was ready to decorate the house! Here is a rundown on her latest Collections...

The Lifestyle Range

The colour combination and design of the entire range has a truly festive feel with festive greens, glowing rose golds and beautiful botanical patterns. Zollela has designed the Collection with 'warmth, love and cosiness in mind'. This range will be sure to make your living space feel warm, homely and get you into the festive spirit!

Being a candle addict, the first item I had to have was the Cosy Christmas Candle and Diffuser. This scent epitomises the smell of Christmas with its festive fragrance of winter spice and sweet cinnamon. Of course I couldn't resist picking up the other scent within the range, the Christmas Cookie Candle and Diffuser. For those of you that prefer sweeter smells, this one is for you. With delicious notes of freshly baked gingerbread cookies and creamy vanilla icing. I love the smell of both of these, the scent is strong and lasts during burning, but I do think that the candles are a little pricey and do not state what the burn time both of them are.

You can pick these up from any Boots Store and online with the rest of her Range:

Cosy Christmas Candle £12.50
Cosy Christmas Diffuser £14.00
Festive Cookie Candle £12.50
Festive Cookie Diffuser £14.00

On the Case Pencil Case £6.00
Bento Station Stationary Set £12.50
Jot Journal Notebook £14.00
This is Your Year Calendar £10.00
Weekly Goals Desk Planner £10.00

Catching Zzz Hot Water Bottle & Eye Mask £20.00
Cosy Vibes Mug £8.50
Warm & Toasty Travel Mug & Hat £18.00
Bits & Bobs Storage Tins £12.50
Cosy Christmas Candle & Socks Set £18.00

12 Days of Christmas Countdown Calendar £50.00

The Beauty Range

This entire range captures the beauty of snow fall and is packed full of fresh, Wintery scents including softening Peony, brightening Winter Cranberry and soothing Mint. The colour combination continues with glowing rose golds, soft greys, brightening whites and a touch of pink. This range will provide you with the perfect festive bubble bath.

Along with being a candle addict, I am also a bath addict! So what better range for me to get my hands on. I firstly picked up the shimmering Merry and Bright Bath Soak. I love the bottle which I will be reusing once I have finished it, but you do have to use quite a lot to get any effect from it and it doesn't create many bubbles. 

Next I picked up the Brew Me a Bath and Snow Relaxed Bath Fizzers, all with the uplifting scent of Snow'ella with extracts of softening Peony, brightening Winter Cranberry and soothing Mint. I absolutely love the idea of brewing your own bath, so I am most excited to try out the teabags and bath milk.

Lastly I picked up You're Cracking with three Zoella treats hidden inside, including the Snow Fresh Body Wash, Snow Silky Body Lotion and Winter Wonder Hand Hand Cream. The scent of each of these is strong, so they linger on your skin after use. The hand cream is going to be my Winter staple, its light, non-greasy and fast absorbing.

You can pick all of these up from any Superdrug Store and online with the rest of her Range:

Merry and Bright Bath Soak £10.00
Brew Me a Bath £14.00
Snow Relaxed Bath Fizzers £8.00
You're Cracking £12.00
Winter Wonder Hand Hand Cream £6.00
Snow Balmy Lip Balms £7.00
All Four You Mini Mist Set Including Blissful Mistful, Gelateau & Bake My Day £16.00
Snow'ella Fragrance Set including Mist & Lotion £14.00
Snow'ella Body Mist £12.00
Sparry Night Set Including Body Polish & Butter £11.00
Were on a Roll Roller Ball Set £9.00
A Winter Soirre Set Including Wonder Hand Hand Cream & Roller Ball £16.00
No Peeking Set £30.00
Treasure Me Set £40.00
I'm Dreaming of a Bath Filled With Bubbles Gift Set Including Body Lotion & Bubble Bath £14.00

Let me know what you pick up, it may be a gifting collection, but I definitely didn't buy them for anyone but myself! 


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  1. I'm not really a Zoella fan but I do admire her for her success and I really like some of her lifestyle range. The notebooks are always beautiful!